Carrot Soap

carrot health soap

Carrot Soap-$4

Carrot Soap-$4

For Domestic Orders (Philippines)

P150 each + Shipping Fee

For Orders Email Me:




Mode of Payment: Paypal or BPI

Great for Acne!!!

**caution this may cause your skin to dry up a bit but it will serve it’s purpose to eliminate acne and whiten your skin…

CARROT SOAP Formulation

Each 100g                      Contains

C40 H56                               0.4

Organic Additives                 0.3

Soap Base                             q.s.

It is DTI approved and Registered Industrial Design Intellectual Property Office (IPO)


TIP this soap really leaves my skin dry that’s why I always see to it I moisturize my skin and face fairly well.

The author did a review of this product HERE.

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