Mondes Hair Reborn

Hair reborn treatment

Mondes Hair Reborn -$7

Mondes Hair Reborn -$7

For Domestic Orders (Philippines)

P300 each + Shipping Fee

For Orders Email Me:




Mode of Payment: Paypal or BPI


With ginseng extracts, hydrolyzed wheat protein and exclusive ingredients that rehydrates dry and damaged hair due to excessive coloring, hot dryer, curling iron and straightening chemicals. It revives the hair making it soft healthy with glowing shine.
For dry hair caused by excessive coloring, hair iron, and blow drying.


A.) CONDITIONER – you can use this everyday as a conditioner for a very good hair maintenance.
**note don’t scrub on the scalp just on the hair especially at the ends where it’s most needed.

B.) HAIR TREATMENT – weekly hair treatment (old school term is HOT OIL) Put an ample amount on your hair (roots to ends do not scrub on scalp), focus on the ends. Leave on hair for 20-30 minutes
**note (don’t be afraid if you leave it longer it’s a hair treatment to put in moisture on your hair not a chemical treatment)

Rinse thoroughly especially on the scalp area. You can leave 10% of the treatment at the ends.

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